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A 3D Showcase™ is an online experience that lets home buyers move through a property and see it from any angle. Even get a completely unique sense for the place with our “dollhouse” view.
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Pixelray Photography is a one stop shop for all your high tech home marketing needs.

Matterport 3D, Aerial, HDR Photography, Websites, Floor Plans, Virtually Furnished 3D Floor Plans, Fly-in Videos, Twilight Shoots and more!

We set ourselves apart from the competition with QUALITY.  Our 3D renderings have more scans that yield higher quality dollhouse views.  Our photos are where we really stand out.  We don’t use just standard HDR blends.  We mix flash with non-flash and our photos NEVER disappoint – Crisp – Bright – Perfectly Balanced and VERY REAL.  We can Virtually Stage photos that look as real as the real thing!  We offer light painting twilight shots that will give you and your client a main shot that WILL make viewers stop and look.

Over 20 years experience – we are just the best.  You know the saying – “you get what you pay for”.  You too have the option to set  yourself apart from your competition by choosing Pixelray Photography to provide the marketing materials for your next property!

More Clients, Better Listings, Real Emotion

Image galleries, 360º panoramas and fly-through videos lack the perspective and feel that buyers and sellers crave. A Matterport 3D Showcase™ creates an emotional connection with the viewer that puts them in that space.  This technology can be used to showcase homes, businesses, planes, boats and almost any interior space imaginable!

Picture-Perfect Portfolios, Now in 3D

Finally, a true 3D platform to showcase property as it should be.  Immerse yourself in the technology that takes you directly inside a property.  “It’s just like being there” – “It’s so realistic” – “This is a REAL virtual tour”.  These are the things you will hear as your clients talk about this technology.

The Secret Weapon That REALLY Impresses

Go into your next listing presentation with a secret weapon: Pixelray Photography’s lineup of marketing materials.  Our Platinum Package includes everything that is needed to make your next listing stand out and GET NOTICED.  Offer the latest real estate marketing technology to win more clients and sell more homes.  It’s been proven many times over that Realtors who take advantage of new and exciting technology early on gain an immediate edge over their competition.  Utilizing everything that Pixelray Photography offers gives you that edge.

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Make your listings stand out in the marketplace.

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